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Momento Mori II – Emily Evans

May 10, 2015

Emily Evans has, quite possibly, the best job in the world. What allows her to have this job (and prevents people like me from having it…) is obviously a fairly hefty dose of genuine talent.

As a professional medical illustrator she spends her days blurring the boundaries between art and science.

In addition to a very impressive collection of technical drawings, she has a number of ‘less rigid’ but still scientifically and anatomically accurate (squee!) pieces worthy of admiration.

Emily Evans_Memento_Mori_Print_

Momento Mori II – Emily Evans

This magnificent lady is not just a pretty face. The Momento Mori II image is also a beautiful skull.

In addition to a perky quiff and rosebud lips, this chick is sporting infraorbital (on her cheeks) and mental (on her chin) foramen, darling nasal bones and sutures around the zygomatic bones.

And, if that pic is not enough for you, it is well worth a visit to the website where you can pick up all sorts of cool stuff including skull cushions and skull wall paper. Yes, you read that right, skull wall paper.

If anyone is trying to work out what I want for xmas, I want this. I want it a lot.


The Great Passage – Kris Kuksi

July 14, 2013

Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about Jesus.

Did I say Jesus….?  Sorry I mean Kris Kuksi.

You may be familiar with his amazing, incredible, phenomenal (I dont think I can give enough adjectives describe the level of awesome involved here) sculptures, but were you aware that he also has a series of sketches and paintings? They are, as you can imagine, all very beautifully detailed – and of course our favourite involves a skull…


Pic credit: Kris Kuksi

We got to see a bit of the base of the skull in our previous post about Chris Peters, but this picture is by far the best view we have seen yet. Meet The Great Passage – a picture no doubt named for its view of the foramen magnum. And while on the topic of foramen, if you look closely at the roof of this guys mouth, you will see the incisive foramen, a small opening behind the front teeth. Like the ones we have spoken about previously on the face, this one is also a tunnel for blood vessels and nerves to pass through the bone.

If you want to see more (and I highly recommend that you should) he can be found on his website and facebook page. There are even a few things for sale on his website… but if you are like me and cant afford the real thing, you can buy his book Divination and Delusion and drool over the pictures there!


Cardinal sin – Clare Toms

March 19, 2013

This is the cardinal sin of Clare Toms.


Well, she didn’t commit a cardinal sin (we hope) but she is certainly invoking one in us with this picture – or maybe even a few…

Apart from being beautiful, the picture has a double (or triple if you count the cardinal birds separately) dose of bones.  In the skeletal reflections of the birds you can see, amongst other things, some cute little cervical vertebrae, and the large sternum characteristic of bird skeletons.  You can also see their cute little birdy skulls, complete with beaks – the avian version of a mandible (jaw).

The human skull – who has a set of chompers that many of us still alive would be jealous of – has a few foramen and some awesome detail in the nasal cavity.  The bit we like best though is his very detailed nasofrontal suture.  Joining the nasal and frontal bones (hence the name!), it has that craggy-ness that makes the skull look real.

So the picture has certainly invoked envy because we want the picture but don’t have it, lust because we love it and greed because we want more of her work.  The good news is that it is for sale!  This painting is at the Copro gallery and there are some prints available on Clare’s website.   Be quick before we buy them all though!


Happy New Year with Mari Lwyd

December 31, 2012

Today we were introduced to something that is both delightfully skull-ish and appropriately new year-ish.  What you ask?  Well if you had read the title of the post you would already know… but in case you didnt it’s Mari Lwyd.

Mari Lwyd, or the Grey mare, is a Welsh tradition and although we aren’t 100% sure what it entails we imagine it as an olde school rap battle of sorts where visitors would knock on the door of houses and challenge the people inside to a singing contest with the winner taking all (all being entry into the house and hopefully some good food and booze).  The coolest part of the story however, is that the people would be accompanied by a horses skull, with bottletops or similar as eyes and a veil-like white cloth to cover the guy who drew the short straw and was carrying around the head on the stick.


If you have a close look at the old girl above, in addition to some pretty mean streamers and emerald eyes to die for, you can see the infraorbital foramen (above the teeth on the side) and the mental foramen (below the teeth at the front).  We haven’t seen any good ones for a while so in case you had forgotten the foramen are simply holes in the skull for blood vessels and nerves to travel through.

If you are lucky enough to receive a visit from Mari Lwyd tonight please send us pics! And from V and E at Craniophiles, we hope you have very fun and safe new years celebrations and we look forward to being craniophillic with you in 2013!


Paul Alexander Thornton

August 9, 2012

Ever wondered how all this awesome skull art comes into being?  How can a person create something so appealing with just a pen or paintbrush?  This might answer some of your questions.  Today we are trying something different, rather than a picture we have a video for you!  This video is one from Paul Alexander Thornton- an artist and designer from the UK with a penchant for drawing skulls!

Besides just being mesmerising, we have found another use for his videos.  Seeing as Paul draws us anatomically correct skulls… we can use the video to identify all the skull landmarks we have been talking about.  Having trouble picturing a concha?  Getting your sutures confused with your foramen… this is for you!

Times are approximate… the stop motion is too fast for me to be perfect!

  • 10 s- nasal concha and then nasal spine
  • 11-12 sish- nasal bone
  • 23 s- infraorbital foramen
  • 26 s- maxilla bone
  • 34 s- zygomatic bone
  • 48 s- zygomaticofacial foramen
  • 52 s- frontal bone
  • 1.02 s- temporal bone and supraorbital foramen
  • 1.07 s- some cool red jewels where the metopic suture would be
  • 1.32 s- foramen magnum
  • 1.42 s- mandible/jaw
  • 1.59 s- mental foramen
  • 2.17 s- from here on we get some vertebrae and the rest of the pic

You can find a veritable bevy of similar videos on Pauls youtube page here and, even cooler for our fellow Craniophiles a whole section dedicated to skulls here.  And if you want to see the final product minus the video…. or you have slow internet…. or you dont have flash player…. or for whatever reason, you can see more finished work on his website here.  Enjoy!


Jeff Srsic

July 21, 2012

Today we have another artist that we found while tredging through the internet.  Very glad we did though because again, there is some very awesome work happening there!  Jeff Srsic is an artist and tattooer from the US… and that is about all we know!  Among all sorts of art and tattoos on his blog however, there are some very cool skulls.

So… this guy has a few of our old favourites- an infraorbital foramen on his cheek, orbital fissures, nasal concha, the plate of the ethnoid bone (the nostril divider) in his nose hole and a super set of pearly whites (beiges).  The feature of this painted we like the best though, is his facial sutures.  The junction betwee the zygomatic (cheek) and maxilla (top lip) bones is super realistic.  He also has a nasofrontal suture right up the top of the picture. 

If you want to see more, head to his blog– or straight to the tattoo shop in Florida- RedLetter1!

So much of the awesome skull art we see is coming from tattoo artists, makes us wish we had more skin!



June 30, 2012

We have only recently discovered this guy, and we are glad we did.  We are in awe! 

His work is simply so beautiful and to top things off, a hell of a lot of it includes skulls- Craniophile heaven!

and what else do we love on skull paintings… anatomy!  This handsome fellow has a infraorbital foramen on his cheek, nasal concha in his nose (remember we spoke about them here?) and orbital fissures.  Additionally he appears to have chipped his tooth on a particularly crunchy moth, revealing pulp chamber in a couple of his front chompers- if he was living, this ‘hole’ would be full of dental pulp, veins and nerves (and he would be a bit sore). 

Jon MDC maintains a number of sites, which are all linked from the main site here.  Keep your eyes open, I have spotted a few things for sale, or if you are really keen, get in contact and get him to do a commissioned piece for you!

Next time we are in the UK, we are definitely hitting this guy up for a tattoo!