Knee rug of champions

August 28, 2014

Yesterday was a good mail day. Firstly, no bills. And secondly, no bills (I am so pleased to not get bills I figured it was worth mentioning twice). But thirdly, even better than no bills, was a particularly lovely example of the many boxes that my parents are sending over to me with the things I couldn’t fit in a suitcase.

Now the box itself was not that lovely, it was just a box… what made this box particularly lovely was what it contained inside. Along with my stinky sneakers was, quite literally, the best knee rug ever made.

(For anyone following and wondering: yes, this is the parcel I was bitching about on facebook; yes, it contained my sneakers; no, it didn’t make everything smell like my feet, my mother had the foresight to wrap the shoes in plastic.)

The knee rug was made for me as a ‘leaving the country’ gift by a very dear friend. I know it took many hours to make and I am so flattered that someone thinks I am worth that amount of effort.

I can’t make any anatomical comparisons with this one of course, coronal rhymes with wool maybe… ok that is a stretch, but this is simply too good not to share!


Thank you to the wonderful person who gave me this incredible gift, I shall cherish it and our friendship forever!


PS: Jen – what’s another name for pirate treasure…? Miss you!

One comment

  1. Why I think its Booty!

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