Happy skull appreciation day!

June 4, 2014

‘Happy skull appreciation day to you, happy skull appreciation day to yoooooooouuuuuu’…

Of course none of you can hear me, but I really am singing this at the moment to the tune of happy birthday. The cat looks less than impressed, but I am going to tell myself it is because it is tea time and she is hungry, not because my singing is at all unpleasant.

skull appreciation day

So I come to you today with my metaphoric tail between my legs. I have been very very bad and I am not talking about the crimes against photoshop that you see above. I haven’t written a blog for almost a year and I am really disappointed with myself.

The good (and, to be honest, downright terrifying) news however, is that Craniophiles is on the move. Euronymous and I are about to ship ourselves to the other side of the world and we know that this will give us a heap of new skullificient inspiration and since we know no one we will have heaps more time to blog for you.

I’m going to be using this too as a way to keep in touch with my friends and family at home, as they are all already followers of my blog and I can’t be trusted to keep two blogs up to date. Please feel free to skip over any blogs that are me telling my mum about how I am eating properly.

So thank you for your patience and we look forward to bringing you some good old British skulls from London!

PS: If you like the font in the picture above, you can get it from the cool kids at Skull-A-Day and while you are at it send them your thanks for it is they who have originated the wonderful day of skull celebrations that is Skull Appreciation Day!










  1. Best of luck with the move gorgeous!!! 💀😘💜

    • Thanks Taz – you will have to come over to visit me!

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