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Project Noah- citizen science bones style!

April 17, 2013

Citizen science is the in thing at the moment.  And so it should be, it is an awesome way for the public to get involved in science projects.  There are plenty of projects going on out there, but recently, we found one that is particularly cool.

Project Noah.

This website allows people to upload pictures of wildlife that they have seen while treking around the globe and get other people to help them identify what they have found.  In the process, they are creating a detailed map of what species are living where.  The bit that makes this even cooler though, is that someone has made a skull and bones section!  Also known as Identifying animals through osteology

So get on there ASAP.  Show your smarts and help someone out who needs an ID, or scroll through the entries and become edified!

Maybe you can start with this guy who lives with me (if you follow us on twitter you might have seen him before, if you dont – go follow us!)