Happy Australia Day

January 26, 2013

Happy Australia Day Craniophiles!

May your Australia day be full of relaxation and stereotypes… shrimp and lamb chops on the barbie etc…


And a few short Australia day tidbits for you to ruminate on while waiting for your sacrificial meats to roast on the BBQ (partly from the heat of the BBQ, partly from the heat of the sun)

– We don’t call them shrimps, they are prawns

– Prawns don’t have a skull!  Prawns are Decapods (10 feet) and have an exoskeleton, so instead of a skull, their juicy brains are protected on the outside by a hard part of the shell called the Carapace

– As for your lamb, they definitely do have a skull but Im assuming no-one has one on the BBQ today.  Instead you are probably having loin chops or cutlets, which come from the spine and ribs.  BAAAHHH.

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  1. Hey! Great blog!

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