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Noahs Vegemite skull

August 31, 2012

As a general rule we love basking in the anonymity of the internet…

But this post is going to give us away.  Well not totally, but our location at least.

We LOVE Vegemite.  LOVE LOVE LOVE Vegemite.  In fact, in my house, Vegemite is not confined just to toast, I use is as a dip, on eggs, in cooking…. But never used it to paint with.  Trust Skull-A-Day creator Noah Scalin to have tried it!  See his original post here.

Now as you know we normally like to slip a bit of anatomy or such into our posts, but we can’t expect an artist to give us well defined craniofacial features when using Vegemite to paint with, so instead… we give you some Vegemite science!

Vegemite is produced from a by product of beer brewing yeast (sounds good already right!), vegetables, spices and salt.  Vegemite is one of the worlds best sources for B vitamins thiamine, folic acid, riboflavin and niacin and has been endorsed by the British Medical Association for this reason.  The B group vitamins (there are over 20 that we currently know of) are essential for all sorts of things our bodies do and have also been linked to positive mental health.  So if you want to be a happy little Vegemite get some!

Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it… and if you tried it and didn’t like it… you tried it wrong, try some more!


Paul Alexander Thornton

August 9, 2012

Ever wondered how all this awesome skull art comes into being?  How can a person create something so appealing with just a pen or paintbrush?  This might answer some of your questions.  Today we are trying something different, rather than a picture we have a video for you!  This video is one from Paul Alexander Thornton- an artist and designer from the UK with a penchant for drawing skulls!

Besides just being mesmerising, we have found another use for his videos.  Seeing as Paul draws us anatomically correct skulls… we can use the video to identify all the skull landmarks we have been talking about.  Having trouble picturing a concha?  Getting your sutures confused with your foramen… this is for you!

Times are approximate… the stop motion is too fast for me to be perfect!

  • 10 s- nasal concha and then nasal spine
  • 11-12 sish- nasal bone
  • 23 s- infraorbital foramen
  • 26 s- maxilla bone
  • 34 s- zygomatic bone
  • 48 s- zygomaticofacial foramen
  • 52 s- frontal bone
  • 1.02 s- temporal bone and supraorbital foramen
  • 1.07 s- some cool red jewels where the metopic suture would be
  • 1.32 s- foramen magnum
  • 1.42 s- mandible/jaw
  • 1.59 s- mental foramen
  • 2.17 s- from here on we get some vertebrae and the rest of the pic

You can find a veritable bevy of similar videos on Pauls youtube page here and, even cooler for our fellow Craniophiles a whole section dedicated to skulls here.  And if you want to see the final product minus the video…. or you have slow internet…. or you dont have flash player…. or for whatever reason, you can see more finished work on his website here.  Enjoy!