The tooth fairies dream

July 28, 2012

deciduous teeth… milk teeth… temporary teeth… baby teeth… we all have them, or I should say had them.  

This picture has been doing the rounds of the net lately so I thought we might as well jump on the band wagon and have a look!  He lives in the Hunterian Museum in the College of Surgeons in London.

Picture credit: Stefan Schafer

For this specimen a clever anatomist has removed the front plate of bone of the jaw (the buccal plate) exposing the developing adult or permanent teeth below.  The process of dentation (teeth growing) is definitely one of the best wonders of nature.  Both your baby and adult teeth grow from the same tooth bud or tooth germ and this process begins while you are still a teeny little embryonic jellybean.   

Another example is this little guy, sorry unsure of the pic credit for him!

I am particularly fond of this guy because not only do we see developing teeth, but a super example of a metopic suture straight down the middle of his forehead!

Let me know if you too love teeth, although not strictly skulls they are still awesome so we can gladly do some more teeth-esque blogs if people are interested!


One comment

  1. This is amazing! My son just lost his first tooth and to think of all these teeth, fully formed, patiently waiting their turn to come out is just incredible. I hand never visualised it before. Thanks for the pic.

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