For Heaven’s Sake

July 11, 2012

A while ago we asked on twitter what/who your favourite skull is.  One suggestion from fellow art lovers/creators and twitter followers Dizbe was the Damien Hirst diamond encrusted human skull- “For the love of God”.  Being quite the famous skull, we had heard of him/her/it before, but thought we would do a bit of net wading to see what else we could find out.  What we found…. was a whole different skull!

Enter Damien Hirsts new(er) skull, “For heaven’s sake”!

So we aren’t ignoring Dizbe’s suggestion, we will be revisiting “for the love of God” later, as well as some of Damien Hirsts other skull offerings (of which there is many (he is clearly a fellow Craniophile)) but we fell instantly in love with this little guy and couldn’t resist sharing him straight away.

So cute!  and what better way to highlight craniofacial anatomy that with the proverbial girls best friend!

The bony regions of this little chaps skull are covered in no less than 7105 pink diamonds- the largest bit you can see in the middle of this pic is the parietal bone.   The wonderful white diamonds are adorning the sutures and fontanelles (fibrous regions between growing boney areas of a babies skull).

There was some fairly unfriendly foofaraw regarding the use of the infant skull for this sparkling installation.  As confirmed on the Damien Hirst website, this is not a genuine infant skull, but rather a platinum cast of one.  We are assured that no babies were harmed in the making of this art.

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