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The tooth fairies dream

July 28, 2012

deciduous teeth… milk teeth… temporary teeth… baby teeth… we all have them, or I should say had them.  

This picture has been doing the rounds of the net lately so I thought we might as well jump on the band wagon and have a look!  He lives in the Hunterian Museum in the College of Surgeons in London.

Picture credit: Stefan Schafer

For this specimen a clever anatomist has removed the front plate of bone of the jaw (the buccal plate) exposing the developing adult or permanent teeth below.  The process of dentation (teeth growing) is definitely one of the best wonders of nature.  Both your baby and adult teeth grow from the same tooth bud or tooth germ and this process begins while you are still a teeny little embryonic jellybean.   

Another example is this little guy, sorry unsure of the pic credit for him!

I am particularly fond of this guy because not only do we see developing teeth, but a super example of a metopic suture straight down the middle of his forehead!

Let me know if you too love teeth, although not strictly skulls they are still awesome so we can gladly do some more teeth-esque blogs if people are interested!



Jeff Srsic

July 21, 2012

Today we have another artist that we found while tredging through the internet.  Very glad we did though because again, there is some very awesome work happening there!  Jeff Srsic is an artist and tattooer from the US… and that is about all we know!  Among all sorts of art and tattoos on his blog however, there are some very cool skulls.

So… this guy has a few of our old favourites- an infraorbital foramen on his cheek, orbital fissures, nasal concha, the plate of the ethnoid bone (the nostril divider) in his nose hole and a super set of pearly whites (beiges).  The feature of this painted we like the best though, is his facial sutures.  The junction betwee the zygomatic (cheek) and maxilla (top lip) bones is super realistic.  He also has a nasofrontal suture right up the top of the picture. 

If you want to see more, head to his blog– or straight to the tattoo shop in Florida- RedLetter1!

So much of the awesome skull art we see is coming from tattoo artists, makes us wish we had more skin!


For Heaven’s Sake

July 11, 2012

A while ago we asked on twitter what/who your favourite skull is.  One suggestion from fellow art lovers/creators and twitter followers Dizbe was the Damien Hirst diamond encrusted human skull- “For the love of God”.  Being quite the famous skull, we had heard of him/her/it before, but thought we would do a bit of net wading to see what else we could find out.  What we found…. was a whole different skull!

Enter Damien Hirsts new(er) skull, “For heaven’s sake”!

So we aren’t ignoring Dizbe’s suggestion, we will be revisiting “for the love of God” later, as well as some of Damien Hirsts other skull offerings (of which there is many (he is clearly a fellow Craniophile)) but we fell instantly in love with this little guy and couldn’t resist sharing him straight away.

So cute!  and what better way to highlight craniofacial anatomy that with the proverbial girls best friend!

The bony regions of this little chaps skull are covered in no less than 7105 pink diamonds- the largest bit you can see in the middle of this pic is the parietal bone.   The wonderful white diamonds are adorning the sutures and fontanelles (fibrous regions between growing boney areas of a babies skull).

There was some fairly unfriendly foofaraw regarding the use of the infant skull for this sparkling installation.  As confirmed on the Damien Hirst website, this is not a genuine infant skull, but rather a platinum cast of one.  We are assured that no babies were harmed in the making of this art.


Sedlec Ossuary

July 7, 2012

On a recent trip around the wonderful world we call the internet I found this:

Picture credit: Dellamorte & Co.

I have to say, it is the most moved and fascinated I have been by bone art for a while.  Possibly something to do with the imagery of an anchor?  Particularly since I am absolutely terrified of boats- death and boats go together perfectly in my mind…

This osteo-nautical treasure is housed in the Sedlec Ossuary, along with a host of other beautiful bone art.  The ossuary contains the bones of approximately 40,000 people- their fates sealed by wars, plagues and the occasional natural cause.  The majority of the bones, were available to the church as a result of the plague which swept through 1318 (how generous of it!).

The majority of this art was created in the 1800s by František Rint, with the centrepiece being a full chandelier- said to contain all 206 bones of the adult human body.  We would like to get there and have a closer look, and see if it really does!  Surely they cant have the incus, malleus and stapes (ear bones) but if they do then we are mighty impressed (more so!).

As with all things that catch our attention, skulls abound in this Czech Craniophile wonderland- too many to inspect over the net!

The Sedlec Ossuary is located about 100km out of Prague in the Czech Republic and is open to the public so you can head on down and meet these guys in person.  More info can be found on their site here…. and if you have been lucky enough to visit, please regale us with all your wonderful skull stories!