June 30, 2012

We have only recently discovered this guy, and we are glad we did.  We are in awe! 

His work is simply so beautiful and to top things off, a hell of a lot of it includes skulls- Craniophile heaven!

and what else do we love on skull paintings… anatomy!  This handsome fellow has a infraorbital foramen on his cheek, nasal concha in his nose (remember we spoke about them here?) and orbital fissures.  Additionally he appears to have chipped his tooth on a particularly crunchy moth, revealing pulp chamber in a couple of his front chompers- if he was living, this ‘hole’ would be full of dental pulp, veins and nerves (and he would be a bit sore). 

Jon MDC maintains a number of sites, which are all linked from the main site here.  Keep your eyes open, I have spotted a few things for sale, or if you are really keen, get in contact and get him to do a commissioned piece for you!

Next time we are in the UK, we are definitely hitting this guy up for a tattoo!

One comment

  1. Very good!

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