Laurie Lipton

June 14, 2012

We have a confession to make.

As you might have already gathered we while away many a spare hour admiring art from various artists and galleries… that is how we first encountered Laurie Lipton.  The gallery was Copro and the art was Empress of Death.  This isn’t the confession though…

the confession… is that we thought it was a photo.  We thought that Laurie had gotten an anatomical dummy and posed it accordingly before taking a photo- maybe then etching in some of the embellishments.

Are we embarrassed about this little misunderstanding?  Hell no!  To us, it just proves how amazing an artist she is.  And that we should wear our glasses more (don’t tell the optometrist…)

Here is the Empress of Death.  With those perfectly formed phalanges, carpals and metacarpals (finger and hand bones) and the partly toothless smile, surely we aren’t the only ones to be tricked!

If you like Laurie’s work you can have a closer look on her website and facebook page.


  1. Lovely!!

  2. You can also see the drawings in the flesh at Ace Gallery, L.A. The show opens on Sat., July 7th, at 7 PM & ends on August 31, 2012. For more info check my website or FB page. LL xx

    • Thanks Laurie! Wish we could be there but we are unfortunately on the wrong continent! Will keep following online though!

  3. Reblogged this on Vague Magazine.

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