SKULL APPRECIATION DAY (week)!! Day 2- Courts and Hackett

June 5, 2012

For day 2 of our skull appreciation day (week) we have a suggestion from one of our very first Craniophiles fans- Joe.

Joe has suggested that we add the Courts and Hackett rings to our 7 best skull things for Skull appreciation day (week) and we couldn’t agree more!  These rings are not your average skull rings, rather they are beautifully crafted and…. anatomically correct!  WOOO.  Famous for the ring that adorns the finger of (now aging) rocker Keith Richards, they have recently added a new ring to their collection.

The Keith Richards ring has an interesting backstory which you can read here

and the new ring has visible coronal sutures (across the head like a headband), a nice pair of infraorbital foramen (on the cheeks) and teeth any dentist would be proud of!

If you like it then you should have put a ring on it… we mean bought a ring for it… we mean you can buy your very own piece of Courts and Hackett Skull ringabilia here!  I think we might have to jump on and order one, thanks for the suggestion Joe!


  1. Very cool! You’re welcome! Yes cranopohile extrodinaire here!!

  2. You’re welcome! Yes …cranophile extrodinaire here!!

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