SKULL APPRECIATION DAY (week)!! Day 1- Max the sitting skeleton

June 4, 2012

First things first, happy SKULL APPRECIATION DAY!!  If you are in the area, run down to the Mutter Museum and hang out with the Skull-A-Day crew.  After you have read this blog of course!

This first skull is a skull very close to my heart- and possibly the beginning of my metamorphosis into my current state of Craniophilia!  His name is Max, and he is infact not only a skull but a whole skeleton…

He lives in the South Australian Museum in a room of taxidermy beasts next to a lion whose tail twitches- frightening many an unsuspecting child.  I spent my childhood begging my parents to go to the SA Museum to see the ‘people bones’- totally enamoured and fascinated by this guy sitting proudly in his glass chamber.  There are not many pictures of him around, so all the more reason to visit!  This next pic was borrowed from here.



If you are ever lucky enough to visit Adelaide (yes I do mean lucky!!) get to the SA museum- it is free to visit and you get to meet Max!  More info on the museum here and a facts sheet about who Max was when encased in flesh here!



  1. […] bones which make the skull.  You may have spotted an example in our first post of the S.A.D. week here, sitting in front of […]

  2. Wow that is really interesting! Great blog! There are some interesting artworks and photos on your blog. I’ve also been blogging about skulls for a research project 🙂

    • Thanks! Skulls are very easy to write about! Good luck with your project.

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