Georgia O’Keeffe

June 3, 2012

For the last post of our animal skull build up to skull appreciation day, we want to pay homage to Georgia O’Keeffe.

O’Keeffe was one of the parents of American Modernism, her depictions of the lands of New Mexico combine both a sharp eye and amazing colours.  The gradient of blue she achieves in the sky is surely more beautiful than the real sky- something we didn’t think possible!  But of course, the bit we like best is that amongst her many beautiful pictures appear a number of animal skulls!

This one depicts a horses skull and has our most favourite of little holes- foramen!  Like the human skulls we have discussed previously, they have an intraorbital foramen on their cheeks and also supraorbital foramen above the eyes.

This one is the skull of a ram- complete with horns.  He looks like he has been through the traps, but we think he is still pretty!

These paintings and others can be seen at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in New Mexico- website here.

Keep your eyes out for the first of our week of awesomeness- starting tomorrow on SKULL APPRECIATION DAY!


  1. Learn about Georgia O’Keeffe & Northern New Mexico http://www.okeeffecountry.com/

    • Thanks for the link, we always like learning more about an amazing artist like O’Keeffe!

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