Morbid curiosities taxidermy- divine skulls for sale!

May 29, 2012

There is nothing we love more at Craniophiles than someone artfully presenting a skull in a way that shows its true beauty.  That is exactly what Kelly Zepha Owen is doing with her rogue taxidermy.  She has an amazing assortment of taxidermy creatures for sale- but our favourites (of course) are the jewellery and head pieces fashioned from skulls.  Available on etsy.com here are a couple of particularly awesome offerings.

This mink skull has a full set of teeth which definitely add to its charm- in particular a neat set of canines (the big ones at the side)!

This awesome little headpiece is also adorned by a mink skull.  Again we get a great view of the teeth, and have you ever seen a nasal cavity be so cute?  The zygomatic arch (minky cheekbones) look super fragile so if you are lucky enough to get one of these pieces be careful!

These amazing beauties are for sale here.  We LOVE them and wish we could buy them all- but that wouldn’t be fair to all the other Craniophiles out there!

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