A week of animal skulls- the build up to Skull Appreciation day!

May 27, 2012

In just over a week (depending on your time zone!) we will be celebrating Skull Appreciation day!

Initiated by Noah (from skull-a-day) this day is better than Christmas and a birthday rolled together for Craniophiles!  A day to celebrate all things skull, if you are lucky enough to be in Philly you can join the skull-a-day team and friends for a day of full on skull fun!  Unfortunately for us, Craniophiles are on the wrong continent to get to the Mutter Museum in time… so instead, we are going to make a whole week of the most AWESOME and AMAZING skulls that we can find.  Some new, some old, some familiar, some strange- but all Craniolicious!

In the build up to skull appreciation day we are going to be talking about some animal skulls, so keep your eyes peeled- and if you have any cool animal skulls we would love to see them!


  1. Skulls are everywhere – from King Kong’s Skull Island (later celebrated in Matthew Costello’s prequel novel “the island of the skull”) to, of course, Shakespeare – poor old Yorrick!

    • Thanks for the suggestions Suzanne! We included Yorick in our Skull Appreciation Day (week)!

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