Chris Peters- finding beauty in the macabre

May 16, 2012

Today we are going to introduce you to another of our favourite artists- Chris Peters.

He has an uncanny ability to capture emotion in his paintings- surely harder than it sounds since his models are all skeletons!

We will share a couple of our favourites here, for obvious reasons…

This painting “The sky above” is the first painting we have seen of a skull from that angle!  It gives us a good view of the palate and the Foramen Magnum (translate- big hole where your spinal cord meets your brain).  You might recall we admired some Foramen in an earlier post- here.

And in this painting “Loves Memorial” we get a double whammy of skull anatomy with a coronal and squamosal sutures on the skull on the left and another foramen magnum in the skull on the right!

You can find out more about Chris and his art at his website here, or through Copro and Last Rites Galleries and if you are lucky enough to live in New York, get yourself down to his latest offering “The soul never sleeps“.

And because we just can’t get enough… we will leave you with a Prayer…

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