Transi de René de Chalon- translates roughly to awesome skeletal statue in France (maybe…)

May 10, 2012

A face only a mother could love…..?

No way!  We love this one too- as will all our fellow craniophiles we are sure!

The name actually translates to ‘Monument of the Heart’ and is a memorial to Rene de Chalon who was killed at war in 1544.

This statue was sculpted by Ligier Richier and lives in the church of St. Etienne de Bar-le-Duc in France.  The amazing anatomical realism of the whole body makes it a haunting statue, but of course we are looking closest at the skull!

The shape of the mandible (jaw bone) is immaculate and from this angle you get a good view of where the condylar and coronoid processes (pointy bits going into the cheek) sit in the skull.

Another place to put on our bucket list!


  1. It looks like it may turn around & start talking to you!!!!!!!

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