Another 1 of 100 from Noah Scalin at Skull a Day!

May 8, 2012

I know we have already shown you one of these, and hopefully you have all jumped over and had a look at the awesome Skull-A-Day site here….  but this one was too cool to resist!

It is another of the 100 skulls project by Noah Scalin.  So why do we love this picture in particular?

The ‘crack’ in the forehead is a patent (open) metopic suture.  This suture will generally fuse (grow over with bone) in humans in childhood, but in some cases it can remain open into adulthood.   In fact, it is believed that the metopic suture may persist in up to 10% of people and that its incidence may be influenced by race with caucasians being the most likely to have a persistent metopic suture!

Another very awesome offering to the online Craniophile community.  Thanks Noah!




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