Mütter Museum- Craniophile heaven!

April 29, 2012

Number one on our bucket list is definitely a trip to the Mütter museum…. although if we don’t make it in time, we might arrange for ourselves to still get sent!

We were first introduced to the museum when a friend recommended we get a copy of their books of Medical photography- edited by Gretchen Worden.  Not only do these books share and promote their range of fascinating medical specimens, but are also a beautiful collection of photographs.  Perfect coffee table book for the non-squeamish.

The museum houses a wide collection of medical oddities, including a wide variety of skulls.

As well as the skulls they have examples of other skeletal disorders that involve the skull- such as the famous Cephalothoracopagus below.

Cephalo (head) thoraco (chest) agus is a type of conjoined twins where they share or are joined at the head and chest but the rest of the body has developed separately.

More information about the Mütter museum can be found here and the books about which we have been raving are available through their website or on Amazon.com

Have any of our lucky readers been?  We would love to live voyeuristically through your Museum stories!

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