Happy (?) ANZAC day

April 25, 2012

Pic from War of Gallipoli tour

Today is the day in Australia where we remember the courage and sacrifice of our troops in war.  Thanks to them we live the wonderful lives we do today, where we can say what we like, eat what we like, make blogs about skulls….

The skull above is held in the Kebatepe war museum in Turkey and is that of a Turkish troop who fought with Australians in the Battle of Gallipoli.  The location of the bullet hole looks to be in the frontal bone just forward of the coronal suture where it meets the parietal bone.  It is a sombre reminder of the horrors that our troops went through in those days of battle.

Lest we forget.


  1. To tie together skulls and Anzac Day, I recommend Charles Happell’s book ‘The Bone Man Of Kokoda’. The story of Japanese solider Kokichi Nishimura who fought against the Australians along the Kokoda Trail, Nishimura was the only survivor of his platoon, and long after the war he was haunted by all those he left behind. Giving up his wealth and family, he returned to PNG and spent 20 years searching for his platoon and returning them (not always legally) home to Japan. For obvious reasons, his work relied heavily on dental work and skull formations.
    Adding an Australian touch, only a few years ago he was involved in finding the resting place of Digger Captain Sam Templeton, one of the first killed by the Japanese who was later buried by Nishimura. The Captain’s remains were long believed lost, but a chance conversation between Nishimura and an Australian historian identified the link and excavations were underway to exhume him.

  2. Thanks Susanhach!
    We will keep a look out for the book, might need to start doing some book review posts too!

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