1 of 100 from Noah Scalin at Skull A Day

April 21, 2012

It seems only fitting that our first ‘real’ post as Craniophiles should pay homage to the King of skull blogs- Noah Scalin, curator of Skull-A-Day.

This pic is one of Noah’s own artworks and part of his current ‘100 skulls‘ project.  We like this picture because Noah has captured some of the finer anatomical detail of the skull.  The ‘cracks’ you can see above the nose on the cheekbones are facial sutures which are the places where your skull grows.  And if you look deep into his eyes (sockets) you can see where our eyes head through the skull to meet our brain!

The holes on the cheeks aren’t just for decoration either, we all have them.  The suborbital foramen (fancy name for holes below your eyes!) are channels for blood vessels and nerves to get through your otherwise impenetrable skull!

As the name suggests… they are a few more of these great paintings so follow the link to 100 skulls if you want to see more!


  1. Thank you!

  2. oooh TIL we have those holes below the eyes! Is there any diseases or genetic problems that cause those holes to close/not form?

    • Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for your very good question! There aren’t any disorders that I know of, but thats not to say that there isn’t some out there that I don’t know about. I would imagine the severity of the disorder would depend on whether it was a partial or total closure of the foramen- total might be fatal where as partial may only cause muscle weakness or the like.

      If anyone knows of any examples please let us know!

  3. […] This painting “The sky above” is the first painting we have seen of a skull from that angle!  It gives us a good view of the palate and the Foramen Magnum (translate- big hole where your spinal cord meets your brain).  You might recall we admired some Foramen in an earlier post- here. […]

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