Art and science for lovers of skulls

April 19, 2012

Welcome to craniophiles!  This blog, along with our website (craniophiles) will be a place for lovers of skulls to come and enjoy the beauty and wonder that is the skull.

Please feel free to submit any suggestions for content through comments or our website, keeping in mind that we will not be publishing any NSFW content.


  1. If you like skulls, have a look at the result when you do a google image search for the Phantom skull

    • Thanks Cyril, yes we definitely like skulls! We had a look- there are some cool things there… we might have just been inspired to do a comic+skull blog post. Stay tuned…

  2. Thank you … I see where I fit in!

  3. Great blog! Congrats!

    • Thanks! Glad you are enjoying it!

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